Fidan is a family lawyer with a difference.  She has a pre nup BFA and went on national television to talk about it and her genuine belief that all things are not equal in family law.

Fidan is a genuine divorce lawyer who is not shy to say what she really thinks about the importance of prenups in a relationship.

Fidan strongly believes in asset protection and protecting what is rightfully yours. As a Sydney lawyer practising exclusively in family law for over 16 years Fidan is aware of the need for parties to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement  or Binding Financial Agreement just in case the relationship fails in the future. Fidan is considered as an expert on Financial Agreements and is accredited by the law society of NSW as an Accredited Specialist in Family law.

You can protect:

  • initial wealth coming into a relationship;
  • an inheritance that will be coming your way;
  • family wealth;
  • future assets;
  • the assets you accumulate in a relationship; and
  • your precious things (whatever that may be).